Weapons Training

Weapons Training: Learn the Arts of the Samurai Sword, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, and Aiki-Jodo evolved by the Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan.

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“Quick draw, live blade sword art of war”

This art places your focus on the deadly quick-draw of the Samurai Katana. Etiquette, maintenance, and solo forms are also taught.

Lehigh Fukasa-Kai Martial Arts

(4 Foot Staff)

Aiki-jodo translates as “Internal Energy Way of the Staff”. Known as one of the only weapons used by Miyamoto Musashi to defeat the Samurai sword. You learn to use blocking and striking methods as an extension of your body, while also incorporating locking, throwing, and disarming techniques. Consequently, making this a complete weapon system. In addition, kata (prearranged forms), are taught to train your body to react in the most efficient way possible.


“Sword art of War”

This is the Samurai sword art of fencing after your sword has been drawn. Various cuts, blocks, and parries are taught to you, as well as the focus and mental clarity necessary to develop almost instant reactions.

Lehigh Fukasa-Kai Martial Arts