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Welcome to Lehigh Fukasa-Kai

Martial Arts Training Featuring:

Lehigh Fukasa-Kai Lehigh Martial Arts

Retreat-like setting to promote focus

Lehigh Fukasa-Kai Lehigh Martial Arts

Group and individual training available

Lehigh Fukasa-Kai Lehigh Martial Arts

Affordable pricing

"People often ask me why I teach Martial Arts. I can honestly answer that it’s because I have personally experienced the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of the training. I am convinced that if a student is sincere, focused, and committed – they will gain life-long benefits from a good program."
Lehigh Fukasa-Kai Martial Arts
David George

The Dojo

The dojo is the culmination of Shihan’s love and passion, wanting to pass along this knowledge to all his students.
Having taught at another dojo for several years, in 2003 he and his step dad built the dojo on the grounds, seeing the beauty and peacefulness of the surroundings as beneficial, even instrumental, to the instruction of Martial Arts.
Tranquility, nature, the elements, all nurture the environment for learning at Lehigh Fukasa-Kai.